Tuesday, August 6, 2013

vintage coach

I've never been a huge Coach person, but I couldn't help but purchase this gorgeous vintage 1974 leather cross body. It's a beautiful creme color and it goes with nearly everything. I'm a big-bag person through and through, but this timeless bag is perfect for small outings and I can't wait to wear it out more!
I've also been living in loose, airy dresses on my days off because the heat is unbearable. When I'm at work all day I get to wear sweaters and cardigans because it's always so cool....but when I'm out on days like this when it's over 100 degrees, the best (and only) option for me is a dress. I really love the print of this one!

  • Dress- c/o Nowistyle Japan
  • Bag- vintage Coach
  • Shoes- Divided (H&M)
xo Susie


  1. love this, susie! youre so playful in these photos and ah, you know im obsessed with you already!

    xo cortne

  2. i love the purse and your blog ! go texas!


  3. Lovely outfit!! Love the dress! Just with this dress your outfit looks complete!! Check out our fun styles as well which you will love!!


    xx, The Golden Girls

  4. In this look your bags is perfect to match your style and dress but you are right that we need big bag for our all accessories.

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  5. very cute!


  6. It is not necessary to carry a big bag, sometime, you just carry a small handbag to match it with your dress. It's all about fashion these days.

    I really liked the black shoes that you're wearing in that picture. Thank you for sharing the pictures for now I had some idea about what to buy for my friend on her birthday!

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