Monday, August 5, 2013

college freshman essentials

college essentials

Like many of you, this year I'm embarking on a new chapter of my life: college.
I was one of those highschool students who walked into their first day of freshman year thinking, "How many more days until I graduate?" So, needless to say, I've been looking forward to this day for quite some time.
I didn't, however, end up at the college of my dreams, and I'm staying in my hometown for school. I was bummed all summer over it, figuring it would ruin my entire college experience to have to stay here. But when I went to my school orientation last week, I realized how much fun it's going to be and what a great time I'm inevitably going to have. In a few weeks I'm moving out, and my classes are going to begin!
I've been noticing that every time I go out to Target or Walmart, I start searching for things I may need for my new house or school, which inspired me to throw together a little "freshman essentials" post! I hope any incoming college freshman (or even current college students) find it helpful or inspiring. Back-to-school shopping has always been the highlight of the end of every summer for me, but this year I'm getting to have a lot more fun with it!

Included in my essentials list:

  • Oversized sweater & baggy boyfriend jeans: Come cooler weather, it's going to be miserable having to drag your sleep-deprived body out of bed to your 8am stats class. But these two pieces will be a lifesaver and keep you looking cute & comfy rather than just arriving in leggings & a tee!
  • Sandals/flats/boots/nikes/converse: Notice a trend here? They're all comfy shoes. Although I'm a huge heel-wearer, I'm not going to be that one girl hobbling across campus struggling to get to her classes. There's also a huge gym on my campus that I bought a new pair of nike's for (the ones pictured above) because I've resolved not to gain my "freshman 15" this year. So if you have access to a gym, make time for it!
  • Backpack & overized purse: I don't know how it is for everyone else, but a lot of my classes have several huge textbooks that I'm going to have to haul back and forth. Although I'm not a huge backpack-wearer, I've already realized that a backpack is going to be my most comfortable/reasonable bag option this year. And for the days that I only have one class, I'm opting for an oversize shoulder bag that I can still get all of the things I need into!
  • Lotion/chapstick/perfume: These are all really obvious essentials. I don't really feel like they need any sort of explanation.
  • Stationary/notebooks: I was under the impression that once I got to college, I could just bring my laptop and take notes with it. I recently found out, though, that a lot of professors don't let you do that because they know that kids will inevitably end up on Facebook/tumblr/etc. So notebooks will be something you'll need for most classes! And what would make your family happier than a hand-written note from their college kiddo every now and then? Invest in some cute stationary and make it a habit. Your family will be so grateful.
  • Bobby pins: You. Can. Never. Have. Enough. Bobby. Pins. Seriously. Where do they go?! 
  • Keys/cash: If you're driving your own car up to school and leaving it parked in a lot, keep your keys in a very safe place. And your cash. You'll most likely be having friends (and strangers) coming in and out of your dorm room, and you don't want to take any chances. Have a "safe place" for those things where only you know where they are if you're not going to be home when your roommate has friends over!
  • Coffee: I bet you've already noticed the abundance of coffee shops on campus. Coffee will most likely be your best friend this year when you're slammed with studying (especially around exam time!). I know that on my campus, every Monday in the convenience store in our gym, they offer free coffee all day. Check for cool things like that on your campus and take advantage of them!
  • Papersack: This was my way of referencing: bring your own snacks for in-between classes. I have some classes that I have 1-2 hours to kill before my next class. I caught myself thinking the other day, "That's the perfect amount of time to run by the chick fil a on campus and grab something to eat and do a little bit of studying." Then I realized how much money I would be wasting/how much weight I'd be gaining if I stopped for fastfood in between classes like that. Bring your own snacks to munch on between classes to save money & avoid freshman 15!
I hope you're all as excited as I am to start classes! 

xo Susie


  1. As someone who just finished their freshman year of college, this is a PERFECT list for incoming freshmen! It's all about staying comfortable (but never sacrificing style, of course!), prepared for classes, and healthy!

    The only thing I would suggest not bringing is a candle if your living in dorms (my dorms didn't even allow christmas lights, and cancelled Hanukah celebrations due to open flames indoors :P )

    Good luck!

  2. Suzie, your a doll. Keep doing what your doing, i can't wait to meet you one day.

  3. I'm in the same boat as you! Many of your essentials are also my essentials :)
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  4. Haha freshmen fifteen... I didn't have a scale when I was a first year (two years ago) so I don't know if I gained any weight or not... But I've lost it all and more if you want to read about it here:
    Valentina Duracinsky :: Health & Fitness

    It's been a long journey :)


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