Thursday, August 16, 2012

floral jeans from the lingerie section

Just a quick little update from today! I missed a package I needed to sign for the other day, so I had to drive really far out of my way to go to a post office nowhere near me to pick it up (and why they couldn't leave it at the post office 10 seconds from my house is beyond me). Anyways, the post office was right behind Target, so I decided to go in and shop through the sale racks. As I was about to leave because I didn't find anything, I see this sale rack sitting hidden in the lingerie section. I walked over, and in the midst of bras and underwear is a sale rack of gray floral jeans. I don't exactly understand that marketing strategy, but I do understand how perfect these jeans are. I can't wait to wear them out (and I'll post photos when I do!).


  1. Being a follower of your blog and seeing all these things that you like from knitted sweaters to decorative skulls and all these girly things I think we could be the best of friends if only I don't live in a different country :)) Anyway, keep blogging, I love it here!

  2. I love the floral jeans!
    Hi, i'm your new follower..
    Hope you follow back.. tnx.


  3. Those jeans are so perfect! I've been trying to search for the perfect pair of floral jeans. I guess I'll have to look in Target! Haha :)

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