Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fly to Canda for Great Shopping Experiences

Shopping... we love it! It crosses all borders of difference, is a staple to the economy and in some cases is essential. Plus, when we find just the right store or site it can be damned near addictive and fun! That's right, shopping is one of Canada's favourite past-times for many and now with Air Miles, Canada can be all the more exciting and accessible. Now, many believe that the idea of shopping, particularly for clothes, is the preserve of women and teenagers. This out-dated, stuffy image shall be left behind as we fly through the diverse array of shopping options available for all.

According to Wiki,
West Edmonton Mall (Edmonton, AB), is the largest enclosed shopping mall in Canada and with over 800 stores it's easy to see why.
However, many of these stores including nation favourites Sears are available online. And, considering the many different departments at Sears home, you should be able to shop for next Christmas and all of your relatives birthdays for the next 2 years in one go. From your uncle's new sweater, to your son's first action figure, there isn't a lot they don't offer, and regular savings events can help make that money stretch a little further.

For the fashionable techie the Apple store should be your one and only stop; iPods, iPads, Books and all other manner of luxurious, preened technology products make leaving the plastic firmly in the wallet an excruciatingly difficult task.
Body is a temple and life is a catwalk types will almost certainly get lost in the thousands of beauty products available from Avon. From looking glamorous and smudge free on those dreary rainy days to feeling inner bliss and calm after a stressful day at work, this store can definitely cater to your needs and have you feeling and looking a million dollars!
And for the benevolent romantics, who doesn't like flowers? A perfect bouquet can set any event, celebration or anniversary off perfectly and O'Connor Florists know their flowers!

So with such a plethora of options, shops and departments to visit virtually, there should literally be no excuse the next time you want to treat yourself or another, or even purchase those essential home items. Get online, and get shopping.
Many stores accept American Express and so in addition to buying yourself an item of fancy; you can even earn Air Miles in Canada that will eventually allow you to reach your next shopping destination with ease.

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