Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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Growing up, there were few words I dreaded hearing more than "It's time for spring cleaning."
I am a hoarder by nature and I simply cannot help it. Try as I may, I cannot kick the fact that I have an emotional attachment to every single thing that crosses paths with me (who knows if I'll ever need that receipt from 3 years ago? I should keep it just in case). My absolute worst hoarding is found in the way I cannot untighten my grip on my clothing. You wouldn't believe the excuses I make in order to hold on to an article of clothing. Oh that ugly old thing from 9 years ago? I may need it for a costume party 7 years from now. Probably should hold onto it.
But as I'm growing older and my closet space is growing far more limited, I've been trying to find a new home for some of my gently used items! Thanks to a severe lack of sleep and a bit too much coffee, I found myself spring cleaning at 4:30am today.
Some new items are now up on my blog shop- check them out! :')


xo Susie

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