Wednesday, November 27, 2013

gift guide: cheap gifts that look expensive

gift guide under $50

There is nothing I despise more than clicking on a "Gifts Under $100" link only to find that everything is exactly $99.99. That in no way helps me. I am a poor college student working part-time to pay rent. I want cheap gifts that look expensive, not gifts that actually are expensive. So in effort to combat the extremely misleading "gift guide" posts who promise you nothing but inexpensive glory only to swallow your bank account whole in one swift swoop, I present to you an actual, legitimate inexpensive gift guide. Everything shown above is under $50. Seriously.

  • H&M Jacquard-weave cushion cover
  • $
  • Field Notes Original 3-Pack Pocket Ruled Paper
  • $

xo Susie


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    xx MJ

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