Tuesday, November 19, 2013

buns & things

I have never, ever been a ponytail/bun person. 97% of the time my hair is down. I'm mildly scared of wearing it up.  I am a very quiet person who generally keeps to herself in public situations so I think I use my hair as a shield to hide behind. But as I have been trying to crawl out of my little turtle shell this year (4 years as a hermit in high school did this to me), I've been attempting to branch out and do things I wouldn't normally do. And yes, I do consider wearing my hair up quite the accomplishment. It's actually really convenient when I wake up with 10 minutes to be in class.
Three cheers to buns (whether they're in your hair or on your tush).
  • Top//skirt//coat- Nowistyle Japan
  • Wedges- Forever21
  • Clutch- Marc Jacobs

xo Susie


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