Friday, December 6, 2013

ice, ice baby

Bet ya think the title of this post is super original & creative, right? I know. So do I.
But here we are, in Texas, the land of wacky and unpredictable weather. It was nearly 80 degrees a few days ago, and now the ground is covered in a thin but sturdy layer of ice. I'm kind of hoping it stays so I don't have to go in to work tomorrow and I can continue my little "it's-cold-so-why-bother-getting-out-of-bed" thing I've got going (who needs money for rent, anyways?). My biggest concern right now is the fact that I am inhaling food so quickly that I might run out before this little ice age thing decides to end. When you're stranded at your house netflixing all day (still trying to make that a verb) there's nothing to do besides eat and not move. Which is fine and dandy until your food supply runs dry and suddenly you're just hungry and cold all day. Pray for me.

Stay icy, my friends.

  • Jacket- c/o Nowistyle Japan
  • Top- Free People
  • Jeans- Bullhead Denim
  • Booties/Scarf- Forever21
xo Susie


    Amazing style by the way!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!! This is definitely my new favorite jacket :) xo

  3. Hello! I love your jacket! I was wondering where you got it from. I'm from Europe and a few days ago I found a website called SheInside & i wanted to order a jacket like yours, but i didn t in the end and now i m kind of sorry. It looks great on you! Do you know this website? Have u ever ordered from them?

    1. Hi :) Thanks so much! I got it from Nowistyle Japan! I collaborate with their company a lot and when I saw it on their site I requested it from them and they sent it to me. I have never technically "ordered" from them, but I have worked with them and been wearing their clothing for over a year and LOVE it! They're wonderful. It's available on their website here:
      I really do love everyone on the Nowistyle team- they're amazing people! I would definitely recommend them. xoxo

  4. Diggin' those jeans!



  5. I live in Vermont where it’s often very, very cold – this morning, it was 7 degrees and that’s not including the windchill. But if you layer – think camisole/tank, long-sleeve tee, thin sweater, heavier sweater, good quality coat with scarf, hat and mittens – you will not only be warm but cozy and comfortable! A hat is very important – most of one’s body heat escapes from one’s head (believe it or not), so a hat is key to staying warm. It’s not uncommon to see Vermonters wearing their hats indoors… Good luck!. Thanks.
    Clara T. Fedlman

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