Wednesday, November 6, 2013

a blogger in her natural habitat

It's cold. It's rainy. And truth be told, I'm lovin' it.
But my blog, however, is not. Instead of attempting to venture out into the cold, wind-whipped rain to shoot photos, I've been sitting in this chair (or sprawled on the couch) downing coffee & tomato soup (guilty pleasure) in tshirts/sweatshirts/sweatpants/fuzzy socks and Netflixing my life away. (Also, if Netflixing is not yet considered a verb, I absolutely think it should be.)
This morning was still fairly rainy & cold, so I opted for the good-old tripod and snapped a few photos indoors. I hope everyone appreciates my mid-90's grunge boots as much as I do. I can't even begin to tell you how many cringes and horrified looks I've gotten whilst wearing them. Sorry I never grew out of my awkward-angsty-tween phase.

In other non-pressing life news: I dropped my college algebra class because that crap was ridiculous. Count me out (the only counting I will be doing the rest of the semester). I also don't understand anything that's going on in my Spanish class. Lo que está pasando en esta clase?
Annnnd I rarely wake up in time for Sociology. So three cheers to flunking out of college without even completing one semester. (Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit. But seriously, college is ridiculous. Don't do it.)
It's also Delta week, which I couldn't be more excited about! I'm beyond thrilled to finally be an active member of my sorority (the absolute best part of my college experience thus far). And to any other recent initiates, congrats!!

  • Sweater- H&M
  • Beanie- c/o MySocialOutlet
  • Jeans- Forever21
  • Ridiculous grunge 90's boots- thrifted
xo Susie


  1. Your house decor is so lovely!

  2. I love this look, those boots are amazing!

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