Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Lately I've become increasingly interested in the ornate details of a seemingly basic article of clothing. I love when a basic t-shirt has a dainty line of buttons down the back. Or a simple dress with a deep, plunging back. Or in the case of this sweater, a sheer back with flower appliques. From the front, you'd never see it coming. A simple black sweater. But turn the slightest bit to the side, and it's an entirely different sweater. I think you can relate that to people in a way, too. You see a person, and you see the simplicity in their being. And once you get to know them, you start noticing their buttons trailing down their back, or their flower appliques. I love that. Getting to see the ornate details. It's my favorite thing in a person. And in this case, clothing.
  • Sweater- c/o Nowistyle Japan
  • Skirt- Forever21 (ages ago)
xo Susie

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