Thursday, October 24, 2013

crimson & curls

After somehow (magically) not having to go into work today, I got to shoot a bit of my fun fall/winter items I received from my good friends over at Nowistyle Japan! (And by not going into work I mean I did go in, things were slow so they said I didn't have to stay, and instead I ended up shopping for an hour while I'm trying to "save" money. Whoops.)
No work meant time to shoot these photos at the house really quickly, and then getting to go to my parents house for dinner and family time! After a day plagued with oversleeping & exams, I think it was just what the doctor ordered!

  • Skirt/top/clutch- Nowistyle Japan
  • Bracelet- Banana Republic (a gift from my perfect Big, Emily!)
  • Booties- H&M

xo Susie

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