Monday, October 21, 2013

mid-semester blues

First off, let me apologize for my severe lack of posts lately! I just barely escaped midterm season. My first midterm experience. Needless to say, I definitely was not prepared for that. Can I exchange college-level coursework for highschool-level but keep the awesome social aspect of college? Please & thank you.
Now that I'm done with midterms, I'm going to try and be a little more active on here! I used to always go out and shoot/post whenever I had downtime...but now when I have downtime I pass the heck out because I need sleep. Time management never has been my strongsuit. I really should work on that.

In other news, FALL HIT TEXAS EARLY! Expect lots of sweaters and cozy outfits to come.

  • Blouse- c/o Nowistyle Japan
  • Clutch- c/o Nowistyle Japan
  • Ripped jeans- Vanilla Star
  • Shoes- Michael Kors
xo Susie

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  1. Such a pretty look! :D

    xx MJ