Thursday, November 15, 2012

my christmas wishlist

christmas list

christmas list by insusiesshoes 

The holidays are speedily approaching and my mom has been nagging 24/7 about getting my Christmas list to her! But I mean, I can't complain...she's just being a good mom :')

I've been dying to have a Nespresso machine for quite some time now, because as many of you who read my tumblr frequently know...I am a diehard coffee fan. This way I can make latte's and fun drinks at home instead of spending really excessive amounts of money at Starbucks every week (it's gotten a little embarrassing how often I drag my coffee-deprived little body through the doors of SB).

I've also been asking for an Instax for a few years, and I think this is the year I'll finally unwrap that baby! My family is a HUGE polaroid family, but I love the size of the mini-instax, and I've been begging for it. My mom's so sick of listening to me that I think she's just going to get it ;)

Coffee cup...what can I say? 

THOSE WEDGES. They are only $20. TWENTY. They're perfect.

Daisy is my faaaavorite perfume and I'm dying to finally own it. I need 2 smell pwetty again!

I am always looking for new lip-wear to try and I've heard nothing but good things about Bobbi Brown products, and this color is stunnnnnning, so hopefully I'll find that little gem waiting for me in my stocking!!

I AM IN LOVE WITH HEART SUNGLASSES. They're so cute. I'm fairly certain I look like a 5-year old in them, but a cute 5-year old....right?
I just bought a pink pair and I want more colors. White appears to be what's next. Fingers crossed.

What's on your Christmas list?? :) xx  


  1. This is a great christmas wish list. I have no idea what to ask for, typically things that I want I'm lucky enough to be able to buy them myself if I really want them. A coffee machine would actually be a good idea for me, I'm a coffee lover who spends too much money on it in Starbucks/Costa etc. like you. Daisy is also one of my favourite perfumes!

  2. The shoes! And the camera... precious!

    You would love Brazil, the coffee here is all amazing all the time. None of this watered down American coffee stuff.