Thursday, August 16, 2012

new york nostalgia

Sitting in Central Park for lunch

Times Square

Sooooo about this time last year I was in New York City and I'm really feeling nostalgic. My biggest regret was not taking more pictures. I saw so many beautiful people, places, things....just remembering all of the things I could have been photographing but didn't is so frustrating. I want more than anything to go back soon (and hopefully be off to school there next year!).
If any of you live/go to school/are visiting/have recently visited NYC- I am jealous and next time take me with you.


  1. I would really love to visit NYC someday. I love the city life and its busy people.

    You have such a beautiful blog :--) Love it! x

  2. Wow! You do not know how much I love this post. I am certainly not exaggerating, either. I'm new to blogging, but if there's a way for me to favorite a post, let me know, hehe!
    This summed up what I want from makes me want to travel so much more! My only memory of New York was in a short taxi ride from one airport to another (to fly to another country), so I didn't get to see much. Just some houses here and there. I definitely didn't get to see Times Square or any of the city-life I dream of seeing! Hope you get to go back soon (and I hope I see it one day)!