Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Chic with Madison Reed

I was just talking to some wonderful ladies over at Madison Reed, an at-home hair dye company, and we were discussing how we transition our style and beauty regimen into summer! So today's post is about what I change up to survive this inferno of a state (Texas) for the year's hottest months.
If you live in Texas, you'll know what I mean when I say that the heat is almost unbearable. Jeans and cute airy, lightweight sweaters no longer exist. We throw them out this time of year because we can't even look at something that would make us even hotter than we already are. We fight for the closest parking spot everywhere we go because we don't want to walk more than a few feet in the heat before going inside. Unless we are in a pool, the hours of 12pm-6pm are off-limits as far as being outdoors and we try our hardest to stay inside an air-conditioned building.

Such a drastic change in the weather also calls for a few other changes!

  • I almost always live in a maxi skirt and crop top in the summer. It's an easy, lightweight combo that keeps me cool and doesn't show too much. 
  • I generally lighten my hair a little bit, and being as frugal as I am, I always use an at-home kit.  The next color I'm going for this summer is Roma Blonde! I've been wanting something a little bit lighter and not quite as brassy. 
  • If I'm not at work, I almost never wear makeup in the summer, and I leave my hair natural! I use summer months to give my hair and skin a little time off.
  • I stop drinking hot coffee almost entirely (except for maybe a cup in the morning at home) and switch over to a vanilla iced coffee! 
  • You can almost always find me in a sun-hat. Sometimes I'm just not feeling washing my hair and it's the perfect way to cover up my greasy hair and add an extra punch to what I'm wearing. 
  • I always keep a spare bathing suit in the car. Something I have learned over the years is that it's never fun to be over at a friend's house and they are dying to swim and you don't have anything to wear. So I keep one in the car now, and it's saved me from having to drive home on several occasions.
What do you you guys do differently during the summer months? 
Check out Madison Reed's summer checklist below for ideas!

  • Top- Thrifted for $1! (It's a little girl's tank that I turned into a crop top!)
  • Skirt- Thrifted for $2.50!
  • Shoes- Sam & Libby for Target
  • Sunglasses- RayBan
  • Necklace- Forever21


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