Monday, May 18, 2015

Leopard & Checkered

It's been a long time since I've had an outfit post, and I'll tell you this: I'm just as awkward at "posing" as ever.
"What should I do with my hands?" "Do my arms look awkward?" "How fat do my thighs look from this angle?" "Okay stop let me look at these really quickly to see what I should stop doing."
And then there's the terrible moment when you look at all the images on the camera and you thought you were smiling in all of them but you actually look like you're trying to snatch someone's soul. Yeah. Does this ever get easier? Stay tuned.

But regardless of how awkward I am, I have been super into black and white checkered prints lately. I got this Forever21 top at a thrift store recently, as well as a similar print on a pair of shorts from Forever21 (also thrifted) which I can't wait to wear. I'm a black-and-white-clothing-only girl through and through, so when I can find a print that I like, I wear it to pieces. It's like wearing a flannel in the summer. And I love it.

  • Top- Forever21 (thrifted)
  • Leather shorts- Thrifted (real leather, high-waisted...only $3. Such a happy thrift moment)
  • Necklace- Jazzy Jems 
  • Leopard Clutch- Jazzy Jems
  • Shoes- Trouve
  • Cuff Bracelet- Forever21
  • Moonsong Bracelet- Rocksbox (sign up with my code and get 1 month FREE- insusiesshoesxoxo)
  • Sunglasses- RayBan
  • Earrings- Sam Moon (these are clip-ons because my ears are not pierced!)


  1. Such a cute outfit! I always have trouble committing to shoes, those are adorable!

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