Monday, July 1, 2013

b&w obsession + recent purchases

It still holds true to me that black and white never goes out of style. I've never been able to get into the "neon" trends or any of that. Black and white pieces are timeless and it's always those pieces that I find myself wearing year after year until I've worn them to death.
I've recently gone a bit crazy with my online shopping, and found all of these in my ASOS shopping cart (and now en route to my doorstep!). It wasn't until after I'd finished shopping that I realized every piece was either black, white, floral, or striped. Pretty much all of my wardrobe could fit under one of those categories.
Can't wait to style these and put 'em on the blog soon!

What's your favorite style/trend that you can't seem to get over?

xo Susie

PS- I'm in Colorado right now (and will be until Thursday morning) so I apologize for not having posted much lately! I'll have some outfit posts up within the next few days :')

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  1. I literally have the same problem! All I wear is black and white and stipes. I went thrifting today and everything I got was either black and white or red. I feel like I may have a problem, but I don't even care because black and white clothes are the best! :)