Monday, June 17, 2013

top 3 beauty steals of the moment

As I'm not exactly a "beauty guru," and I generally have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to my makeup, I try to keep my beauty posts to a minimum. But I have picked up a couple of items lately that I've really loved, so I thought I'd share!

  1. ELF Lip Exfoliator ($3): I've been a long-time user of ELF products, but I will start with this: they are always a hit or miss. Some are great, some are awful. I remember taking a trip to the dermatologist after a bad reaction to one of their products a few months back. Since then, I've been weary about using their products, but recently decided to give them another go. The lip exfoliator (a tube of brown sugar scrub in the format of lipstick) is incredible. I'm prone to getting dry lips while wearing lipstick, but if I use this before I apply it, my lips hold moisture so much longer and my lipstick actually lasts! Plus, it tastes amazing. 5 stars for this product.
  2. ELF Stipple Brush ($3) : Another ELF product from my package I ordered recently that works extremely well for the cost! I'm a huge blush fanatic, and I've been in dire need of a new blush brush (as my other had just worn out from so much use). I read that this type of brush does a really great job of letting you build your color, so I decided to give it a try. It's wonderful! It's super soft, the brush hairs don't fall out, and it does a really wonderful job of letting you pick the intensity of the color you want (and then build on it). I 100% recommend this brush!
  3. L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm ($6): I used to dye my hair a lot and use tons of heat on it a couple years back, and my hair never fully recovered from it. I've noticed lately that my hair has just been extremely limp and dull, but I wasn't looking to spend tons of money on all the conditioners I was recommended. I found this deep conditioner while browsing at Target before work and decided it was worth a shot...and boy am I glad I picked it up! After only ONE use, my hair felt sooooo much better. Now that I've been using it a couple times a week for a few weeks, my hair looks healthier, shinier, and fuller. I never notice that much difference after only a few weeks of using that alone speaks volumes about this product! A must-have for anyone looking to renew their hair.
xo Susie 

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  1. awesome post! i work at a beauty store on the higher end side and never thought to use mass products before but i'll definitely try these guys out now that i know you give them such a ringing endorsement, thanks so much!