Wednesday, June 5, 2013

liquid metal

I feel like I've really been gravitating towards gold accents recently and neglecting all of my silver jewelry, but when I saw this top at a local thrift store, I immediately forgot why.
The shirt is super lightweight and looks amazing out in the sun. Almost like a liquid metal.
I definitely feel like it's one of those pieces that I'll keep in my closet for years to come. Plus, it gave me a reason to bust out some of my silver jewelry and my silver-studded booties!

What kind of accents/accessories do you most often pair with your outfits? Gold or silver?

  • Top- thrifted
  • Floral shorts- c/o Snidel
  • Booties/necklace- Forever21
  • Bracelets- Ebay
  • Bow belt- c/o Snidel
xo Susie

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