Sunday, April 28, 2013

Prom! "A Touch of Class" 2013

My wonderful prom date, Ryan!

Such a pretty corsage!

Two of my lab partners from class! Love them to death.

One of my lab partners, Will.
After months of dress shopping, hair planning, and money saving...I finally went to prom! Our theme was "A Touch of Class."
I had such an amazing time. My date was wonderful, the food was great, the dancing was fun, and seeing all of my senior class come together and look amazing was such a cool thing!

My school has an after-prom called Bahama Bash, from 12am-6am, where you and your date dress up in couples costumes. Ryan and I dressed up as Danny and Sandy from Grease (I wish I had pictures to post- it was so fun) and even though it was hard to stay awake, we had a great time! You would not believe the amount of food and prizes at BB. I wound up with a new coffee maker, a laptop lap desk, and $150 credit for a photography company (and about 10 extra pounds from all the food I ate while I was there!).
I had such a great time, and it was an incredible way to start the home stretch of senior year!!

As for my dress/hair/makeup, I went for an "old hollywood glamour" look, and I love the way it turned out!
What are you guys doing for hair/makeup and what do your dresses look like for prom? :')

xo Susie


  1. You looked beautiful Susie! I'm so glad you had fun at prom. The classy theme suited you, but then, you always look lovely.

  2. Your dress is so pretty and you look beautiful! :D

    xx MJ

  3. Susie, you look absolutely stunning! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! Enjoy your last bit of high school, lovely!!

    xo Ashley
    Twenties Girl Style

  4. You look absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see pics from the Bahama Bash :D ^^
    xx Maria