Friday, April 5, 2013

baby, put on heart-shaped sunglasses

I swear I'm going crazy with the weather going from 80 to 40 to 60 every single day. I never know when it's appropriate to put away all of my sweaters and winter coats, and I'm glad I haven't, because it got super cold and rainy for a few days this week. It's supposed to be sunny and warm again tomorrow, but today was very in-between, so I opted for a huge, cozy grandpa cardigan and drop-waist dress.
I spent the evening running around Hobby Lobby with my little sister grabbing supplies for "Craft Night." I ended up very happy with what I made, which I'll be posting about soon :')
  • Polka dot drop-waist dress: ASOS
  • Men's cardigan- Thrifted
  • Booties/Feather necklace- Forever21
  • Watch- Target
  • Sunglasses- Ebay

Happy weekend!
xo Susie


  1. I love this outfit! the dress with the oversized cardigan looks amazing! :D

    Fashionably Sparkly

  2. So cute! Love the sunglasses! :)

    xx MJ

  3. very cute!

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