Sunday, February 3, 2013

my new online shop!

I just started a small little shop to list my gently-used clothing that will probably just be sitting in my closet for ages! I'm trying to start getting rid of things after I've worn them a few times so I can make room for new items (my closet is getting too full!). Instead of just taking them up to Platos Closet or something, I thought I'd put them up in a little shop for you guys to browse through.
Enjoy! :') xo

Shop here:


  1. Those things look amazing, where do I find it?:) x

  2. The graphics on your website is so adorable! Who did your layout? Was this all your idea or did someone help you setup your online shop? I’ll wait for more items on your shop!

    -Jamie Viggiano

    1. Hi, lovely! Thank you so much! I set everything up myself (however, I did not personally create the artwork) :')
      I'll be posting more quite soon! xoxo

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  4. Hi there! Your online shop looks fantastic. I like how you keep it simple yet artistic. Where did you get the artwork? Was it created by a close friend or a relative? Well, if you want your shop to become more popular, I suggest you create a widget of your social media accounts in your business website. I’m sure your customers want to learn more about your shop! :)
    Shelly Sharp @ Aligned Right Media