Sunday, December 2, 2012

bits of my room // new buys


my parents brought this neat little camera home for me last night, anthro catalog just came in, & my favorite tea: sleepytime vanilla
found that white/black/red vase at a thrift store for $4, and the tag on the bottom says it was hand-painted in a native american village. so pretty!

dead flowers and skulls everywhere....
ok so...this is the only drugstore foundation that i've been able to find that has a shade light enough for my skin. (slightly embarrassing)
i love it! it makes my skin look SO nice. and each is only $6. b a r g a i n.

found these while out thrifting and i looove them.


  1. When I saw the foundation I thought it was nail polish for a moment and... boy, would that be a perfect nail polish color.

  2. Cute room and chelsea boots! I also use Maybelline's FIT me foundation, it works quite nicely. It's definitely a good drug store foundation.