Friday, November 23, 2012

stuff it (a stocking, that is)

stocking stuffers

Christmas Fever has officially begun in my household.
The Christmas tree is on it's way up as we speak, and the house is already decked out in Christmas decor.
I. Couldn't. Be. More. Excited.
So to fit the Christmas mood, I decided to throw together a quick inspiration guide for stocking stuffers this year!
Things you really just could not go wrong with: a (cute) phone case, nail polish, Starbucks giftcard (or giftcard to their fav. spot!),  a nice mug, jewelry, a candle, lipstick, body wash, and their favorite movie.
I'd probably die if I found all of these goodies in my stocking (someone make sure my mom gets ahold of this, ok?).

In other news, today is Black Friday! How many of you killed yourselves trying to grab some good deals for the start of the season?
Personally, I'm far too lazy for that. Cyber Monday HERE I COME!  xoxoxo


  1. Perfect stocking fillers. If I was given even half of this I would be a very happy girl on christmas morning.

  2. I just watched "Like Crazy" the other day on Netflix, it was perfect! I love your blog!Keep up the good work! xo