Sunday, November 18, 2012

dalmatian // shopping // homemade latte

OOTD Yesterday
Sweater- Thrifted
Scarf- Forever21
Pants- H&M
Booties- Bamboo
Bag- Thrifted (but the tag says Old navy)

Found the cuuutest pair of metallic black crochet shorts yesterday but I didn't get them because they were pricey and it's practically winter :(
I regret it already...coulda saved 'em for next summer ughhh

I bought a stovetop espresso maker yesterday at Marshall's for $6 and some ground espresso for $5 and decided to give it a try this morning. The espresso came out SO GOOD and I poured in a bit of vanilla coffee syrup and used my cheap little $2 milk frother on some heated milk and VOILA! A homemade latte.
The money saving begins here.


  1. That latte looks so good! And I love your banner, by the way. I'm sure I've seen it before but it's really cute!

  2. Susie, you can always pair the shorts with some tights or leggings for the winter (some knee-high socks and boots too for extra warmth).

    1. I know!! I totally should have gone for them. But they were soo pricey and I think I was just trying to convince myself that I didn't need them by pulling the "out of season" card.
      ...might go back and if they're still there, snag 'em! :) x