Monday, August 1, 2011

too much walking for one pair of legs

Tried on (and purchased) the cutest sweater with a frocket (front-pocket for those of you who didn't know) and the back is button down! It's so comfortable, too! And the icing on the cake: on sale. I can't wait to wear it this fall!

I can't get enough of these boots! (For those of you who aren't super cheap like me and will actually pay good money for shoes/clothing, these are from The Gap).

La Madeleine's has the best caesar salad, mmm.

J. Crew has the best clothing, really.

Went out for breakfast at Corner Bakery and then out shopping with two of my beautiful cousins Hope and Lauren today. I felt like my legs were going to fall right off afterward, but we had such a nice time! And for the firs time ever, I actually found a pair of sunglasses that fit my face (this is so, so rare)!!I'll try and post photos of the things I actually bought soon sometime!

Susie x

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