Tuesday, August 2, 2011

pure bliss

Hope's looked so delicious...mmmm!

Mine kind of looks like it died. But hey, it was tasty!

Fro-yo is so good for you! That signs lists all the health benefits: non-fat, improves digestive system, strengthens teeth and bones, lowers cholesterol, promotes growth in youth, overcome lactose intolerance, protein and calcium packed, clears complexion and stops acne, decrease risk of colon cancer, strengthens and stabilizes your immune system.
++++++ It's DELICIOUS.


  1. I love frozen yogurts, and little stores like these! They're so yummy and good for you:) Excellent find!

  2. I wish we had in here in Australia cause i'm lactose intolerant. They look very yummy from your pictures.

    xo Stephanie