Monday, November 16, 2015

Deck the halls on a dime

Living alone for the first time gives you a whole new sense of control and independence. I get to do everything my own way and on my own time. My family has always been a "wait-until-after-Thanksgiving" family as far as Christmas decor goes, and I respect it, but I love Christmas and I just simply could not contain my excitement. I told myself to wait. But how does one not go crazy when you're flooded with Christmas in every store you walk in to? I was drooling when I went in to Target last week.

But unfortunately I've got a sick pup (click here to read more on his GoFundMe) who needs lots of medical attention, which in turn means lots of money, and I also went a couple of weeks out of work, which meant I had to keep my budget super tight.

I wanted so. badly. to buy up Target and HomeGoods and clear them of their Christmas sections, but I'm a lady on an extreme budget these days, so I had to figure something else out. This year I did all of my Christmas decor shopping at, drum roll please, the Dollar Tree.

I went garland crazy. You can wrap garland anywhere and things immediately look more festive! I want to keep it on my bar cart year-round! I also threw two Christmas kitchen towels over the handle to pull it all together. (PS- the wine glass and candy canes inside it were also from the Dollar Tree!) I bought 5 strands of garland total + 2 towels + 1 box of candy canes= $8 total.

Ok let's be real- I have two huskies with endless energy and I do not have the patience for glass ornaments. They're pretty, sure. But I don't need sliced up paws and endless sweeping and frustration just because those nuts think the ornaments are more of their ball toys to toss around. I bought 6 packs of varying ornaments (I got 4 of the same gold and silver ornaments and 2 packs of red to add a little bit of color). And again, garland. It fills up the extra space and makes the tree so much shinier! 6 packs of ornaments and 2 strings of garland? $8 to decorate the tree.
These mini Christmas trees make several appearances in my house. They're so festive and for $1 each I went a little nuts and bought 4 of them. They look great on an end table, coffee table and/or kitchen table! I also bought 3 festive faux flower bunches and put them in little glass jars. $5 total. Now I won't lie and say the "home for the holidays" sign didn't come from Target- but it was from the $1, 3,5 section for only $3, bringing this table to a total of $8.
Stockings! Oh how I love to jam-pack stockings full of goodies months before Christmas. I was so thrilled that the Dollar Tree had Star Wars stockings, because it's perfect for my nerdy boyfriend. They also had stockings for pups to fulfill all of my dog-lady desires (and cats, for you crazy cat ladies!). I have yet to buy a stocking for myself, but I know my mom and dad will pull through on one for their house ;)  Stockings= $3 total.
Wine glasses!! I'm so big on wine glasses. I used to be a crazy coffee mug hoarder (I won't lie, I still am) but as soon as I was introduced to the gloriousness that is wine, I became a wine glass hoarder. I stalk HomeGoods wine glass section on the regular because they have the cutest glasses for great prices. But low and behold, the Dollar Tree had these simple yet gorgeous glasses (they've got a gold lining on the top! Ahh). I bought a few for drinking, and one to hold candy canes in on the bar cart! Four wine glasses= $4.

Obsessed with the gold rim. It takes them from simple to elegant, and they look far more expensive than $1! They even have matching coffee mugs (got those, too) and plates so you can have a gorgeous table setting if you're hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner!

And the grand total? $31 for all of this holiday gloriousness.
I did purchase a couple other things that weren't photographed, but all in all, I didn't go over $50! The Dollar Tree is your friend! While I was in HomeGoods I also made a few other purchases (a Christmas themed mug that says "Dog Mom" because that's the kind of person I am) and some gift wrap.
The Dollar Tree also provided me with 6 rolls of wrapping paper, however I will say that HomeGoods has amazing prices on gift wrap and you generally get more square feet!  And the Dollar Spot at Target is home to many cute glitter mini-trees and festive signs.

Happy budget shopping!

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