Friday, February 27, 2015

snowed in (kind of)

The many things I am stranded without but desperately wish I had.

So I should start this off by saying it is taking everything in me not to quote something from Frozen. Everything.
I truly believe, in my soul, that I am a snow queen. Nothing in the world excites me more than snow, and being from Texas, snow days are few and far between. 
Earlier this week we had a couple of "ice days" which I thought was going to be my closest hope to a real snow day. There was white cold stuff on the ground and school was closed, so that would have to do. 
And then the weather called for snow a few days later, and then again today. The first day it said we would have flurries was a bust. That was just about all we got- a few flurries. So this morning when I woke up, I decided I would actually haul my white-as-snow butt to class instead of getting my hopes up. Halfway through the drive, snow started falling like crazy. It was a Texan's blizzard (so basically it was nothing even remotely close to a blizzard but, ya know).When I got out of class, the entire campus was covered in snow. 
And after the excitement came the sudden realization that I drive a 50-year-old car with absolutely no safety features and that 90% of our roads were shut down because we Texans lose our minds while driving in the snow. 
And thus I am stranded half an hour from home at my boyfriend's apartment without my pup (who is head over heels for this weather) and without suitable clothing, food, and everything else one could possibly need. (Ok I'm exaggerating- there's food. Just not any cheezits or takis.)

But regardless of where I am, there is snow on the ground and I got to build a snowman and thus I deem today the best day ever.

I will leave you all with a collage of my little pup in her natural habitat today (courtesy of my sister who sent them to me to torture me).


  1. That outfit is so pretty and your dog is so cute! You're never to old to build a snowman : )


    1. Thank you, Kathryn! :) And I completely agree- snow is magical and it always will be to me!

      xo Susie