Friday, July 11, 2014

My Vegas Style

my vegas style

I think at some point in their teenage years, everyone dreams about the day they turn 21. I personally have one year and two months left to go, and I've already started to make plans. But what's better than a night out on the town with friends for your 21st?
A night out in Vegas for your 21st!
I've teamed up with to show you some of the looks I'd put together for a day in Vegas!
I'm really big on staying comfy on a flight or during a roadtrip, so I generally plan to wear a very casual outfit and pair it with some cute kicks!
Once I'm there, I'm most likely going to head to the nearest coffee bar for some caffeine and a light lunch. Roasted Bean at Aria is the perfect stop. After lunch I'd head back to the hotel, sneak in a quick nap (who cares if you slept the whole flight?! There's always a time and a need for a nap) and then get ready for a night out! Next stop? Haze Nightclub! I'm not a big "go out" kind of person, so the fact that the nightclub is literally inside the hotel would make my life 500 times easier. If I'm going out, that's how I'm doing it.

Here's to waiting another year and two months 'til 21! And fingers crossed someone will fund a Vegas trip for me! ;)

This is #MyVegasStyle, what's yours?

xo Susie


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