Tuesday, May 6, 2014

stressed but well-dressed//spring inspiration

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Although we all know autumn is my favorite season, spring comes easily in a close second. I love fresh flowers (I say this while staring at a vase of dead flowers sitting across from me...oh, how nice it would be to have time to keep up with going to the market) and warm days followed by cool evenings. The effortlessness of floral sundresses, messy hair (because it's far too windy to bother), strappy wedges, iced coffee and sunglasses too large for my face keep me sane during finals madness. If you can't actually have it all together, you might as well look like it, right? It's during this time of year, when school is winding down, that I channel one of the truest sayings I've ever stumbled upon: "I may be stressed, but at least I'm well-dressed."
Last semester I took the easy way out and used my sorority-card nearly every day and donned the whole "baggy t-shirt/nike shorts/baseball cap/sneakers" look as I succumbed to college stresses. But let me tell you this: that is not what you want to look like when you run into someone you haven't seen in 5 years, or when you have a last-minute interview to conduct. I was rolling out of bed looking homeless every morning (not that most homeless folk have 5 dozen Tri Delta t-shirts...) and I always found myself in some sort of situation where I was desperately wishing I had combed my hair and put on something even moderately presentable. So I made it my mission this semester to limit my homeless-sorority-girl outfits to a minimum of 5. I'm in my last week of classes and I've only used up 2 of those outfits. Granted, it's 3am and I've got 2 finals tomorrow so I may use up my 3rd pass tomorrow, but hey...that's better than making it to all 5. I've found that keeping myself dressed well has made staying productive a heck of a lot easier. When I'm in a baggy t-shirt and leggings with no makeup, I feel comfortable enough to give up on what I'm doing and take a nap. When I'm in a dress and heels and my face is put on, I go run all my errands and then make up things to do because I want to put my outfit to good use and show it off.

So here is my advice for this spring/summer: get out of your comfy clothes and put on a proper outfit. Accomplish things. Ace that final (and pray for mine). Channel your inner Sasha Luss when you go to Walmart to get ramen. Mirror-selfie your outfit and show off how good you look.
Trust me, a good outfit can make any dull day a little brighter.

xo Susie

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