Tuesday, May 7, 2013

spring has sprung

Spring has definitely sprung here in Texas! Actually, some days are starting to feel more like summer (yikes).
Spring, to me, means lots of fresh flowers and salads, sandals, trips to Canton, sundresses, and lots of time spent outside reading. And I've definitely been indulging myself in all of these things.
I make it a point to go get fresh flowers at least once a week to spread around the house. I also recently tried Starbucks' new "Chicken and Greens Caesar Salad" and it is amazing. Super pricey at a whopping $7 for a teensy little bowl (see photo #4), but worth every delicious bite!
I also included a few snaps from my trip to Canton with my mom and older sister. Canton is a little town that hosts a gigantic flea market with tons of shops and little garage-sale setups and it's wonderful! The best time of year to go is always spring (and autumn isn't bad either) because the weather is bearable to walk around for hours in! It happens on the first Monday of every month, and if you live in Texas, it's definitely something worth checking out!

Hope all of you are enjoying spring weather! :')
xo Susie

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  1. Amazing pictures! Spring is the best season! :D

    xx MJ