Sunday, April 14, 2013

crosses and studs

I've never been a huge fan of Sunday's. I don't like the fact that school is looming over my head the entire day. But today? Today was perfect. I slept in 'til noon, and the first thing I did was roll over and check the weather app on my phone. 85 degrees.
I threw on a sundress, grabbed my book, lathered on some sunscreen, and headed outside to soak up the beautiful weather. I spent the better half of the afternoon just sitting and enjoying a perfect day.
Tomorrow it's going to be in the 90's, though, and I'm not entirely certain if I'm ready for such heat so early in the year....hashtag Texas probs.
  • Cross shorts- c/o nowistyle Japan
  • Studded bag- c/o nowistyle Japan
  • Back to the Future tank- Forever21
  • Western booties- UrbanOG
xo Susie

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