Wednesday, March 13, 2013

off to oklahoma

So thankful for SPRING BREAK! Although it hasn't been much of a break, just yet! I've been doing some styling work and babysitting, and slaving over prom junk. But tomorrow I leave with my family to go stay at a nice little cottage in Oklahoma to go fish/hottub/read/explore/relax.
I'm beeeeeyond thrilled!
I spent this evening prepping with a the decorating/style section of PaperCity newspaper, lemon water, and some good ol' sunshine. Couldn't have been better.
I'm going to be shooting several outfit posts up in OK, but to keep up with me in realtime follow me on instagram! @susiegibson

xo Susie


  1. I miss spring break! Sounds like a lovely time - enjoy!

  2. Have a nice trip! :D

    xx MJ