Saturday, February 23, 2013

lack of creativity

I'm sorry I keep posting awful tri-pod photos that aren't really edited. My photog sister is insanely busy, so I've been left to my own (not up to par) devices....yikes
As much as I love winter, I feel like it really drains my creative side. I haven't been shopping in ages, I haven't been writing as much, taking nearly as many photos, or putting hardly any effort into outfits (at least for school).
I just feel like things have been super dull lately. So today that changes. I made a list of things for myself to do to help inspire my creativity (I'll be posting it on instagram later, so follow me if you want to try it out, too!)
It's probably due to the fact that I have 0 time for anything during the school year, and endless amounts of time to do everything during the summer...but it's still frustrating. So hopefully that changes after this weekend! :')
  • Floral crop top- Buffalo Exchange ($3!)
  • White pants- Thrifted ($0.25!!!!)
  • Necklace & wedges- Forever21
  • Watch- Target