Saturday, December 8, 2012

holiday gift guide: for him

holiday gift guide: for him

The age old question: what the heck do I get my boyfriend for Christmas?
S O L V E D.
  1.  A watch. Simple, classic, and always welcomed.
  2. Beanies are the cutest things in the world on a boy. Buy him one so YOU can benefit from it.
  3. Boys who can skateboard/longboard are so attractive. If he doesn't know how, make him learn. If he already does, he will love you forever if you get him a new board.
  4. Who can deny the cuteness of a bow-tie on any boy? Cute overload.
  5. Beats by Dre are perrrrrfect for any boy who is into music. 
  6. A pair of brogues is something every male needs in his closet. So you're doing him a favor.
  7. Cologne is one of the most simple gifts you can get for your man. If you're in a new relationship, this is something I'd suggest. It's not too much, nor too little. Plus, who doesn't want their man to smell nice?
  8. Ray-Ban Clubmasters are so stinkin' cute, and every boy needs a pair of Ray-Bans. They're timeless.
Enjoy spoiling your man this holiday season! xo


  1. Really love the watch! I would totally buy it for myself :) Great blog, btw! Found you through Tumblr.
    xx Allie

  2. I do like the watch and shoes. I had so much time reading this post. Thanks.

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