Monday, November 5, 2012

Do Not Miss Out On These Martha’s Vineyard Wedding Ideas!

Having a wedding at a Martha’s Vineyard definitely adds that touch of sophistication
and class to your event, as the stunning landscape creates the perfect setting for your big day. Here are some of Martha’s Vineyard wedding ideas to help you plan your special day with ease.

It can be very unusual to choose vineyard theme wedding. For a beautiful vineyard
wedding you do not have to restrict yourself to a particular area. Look at wineries near
you or the neighboring regions if you are on a budget. In case budget is not an issue, you
can even check out wineries abroad to host your magical vineyard wedding.

Work on your invitations and try to give your guests a hint of what they can expect
when they attend your wedding. These days there are a number of vineyard themed
stationeries available in the market which is usually inspired by wines or wineries. It
could either be the color or the pictures of wine bottles, grapes or even vines. Check out
different options before you narrow down on the stationery.

Plan your vineyard wedding decor much in advance so that you have all the pieces in
place for your big day. Rich greens, creamy yellows, purples as well as deep reds work
well with a vineyard theme wedding. Lanterns, grapevines and ivy coupled with grapes
as part of the centerpieces on the table creates a warm atmosphere. However if you
want to go in for a cellar theme then you should stick to burgundy and brown colors.
Hanging candle lanterns as well as using rustic barrels wherever appropriate will help
create the required ambience.

Also do not forget to incorporate a little bit of your theme into your bouquet and favors.
Your bouquet for a vineyard wedding should definitely contain purples, whites and
greens and your favors can be signature wines from the vineyard with personalized
bottle labels or wine theme coasters, wine charms and more. This is an example of
Martha’s Vineyard theme wedding idea that can definitely help make your special day
extra special and memorable.

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