Saturday, September 8, 2012

What Makes Designer Shoes Special?

They are the height of fashion, style, comfort and glamour, but they are also often obscenely expensive – so what makes designer shoes so special?
Designer shoes cost more than many other shoes for several reasons, the main one being that they use high quality materials. Designer footwear, such as Fred Perry Shoes, stand out as being quality because they are made by industry experts with precision and meticulous accuracy.
As designer shoes are high in quality, they are likely to last much longer than less expensive equivalents. In this sense, buying cheaper shoes that may only last six months can be a false economy. In comparison, designer shoes can last for years and are a great investment.
Not only does being made with precision using quality materials mean that designer shoes tend to possess greater longevity than their none designer rivals, but it can also mean they are more comfortable.
This is incredibly important for shoppers and city-dwellers as ill-fitting shoes can cause a number of problems for your feet, your back and your posture. Investing in comfort and practicality by buying designer is a great idea for anyone who wants to ensure that their shoes are well fitted and offer proper support.  
A designer fashion brand’s label does play a significant role in the appeal of designer garments, such as shoes and handbags.
A pair of Fred Perry shoes, whether they are for women, men or children, would not be as attractive if the iconic wreath logo wasn’t clearly visible. When you’re wearing designer shoes, onlookers will know that you have a degree of class, style and taste. The clothing brands you choose to wear say a lot about you.
Designer brands spend a lot of time carefully constructing their identities, creating a public profile which represents them and their services to prospective customers. This takes a great deal of thought and market research and often focuses on a particular gimmick or logo which is designed to make the brand instantly recognizable. 

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