Saturday, August 4, 2012

instagram: a sad, lousy excuse of a blog post

So many fun things to come home to today! After spending 9 hours babysitting, finding a few things laying on the bed (that I wanted to collapse on) when I finally got home wasn't so bad. (I also have a bad habit with ASOS- they have free shipping w/ no minimum so I find myself just going back for more even after I tell myself to stop!)

I've been in the market for a pair of simple leopard flats, and Target (my savior) happened to have them on sale for $12 and my kind mother brought them home for me. Thanks, Mom :')

Wearing sweaters and drinking hot beverages in bed while I cry because it's not anywhere near cold-weather season has become very habitual. I'm not a fan of the 110+ degree weather.

Best. Purchase. Ever. I love this swim top!!

Needed something to put in the cover of my binder, and I'm really super obnoxiously obsessed with skulls, so I printed out a picture of one and doodled on it and glued some flowers over the eyes, and voila! DIY binder cover. I love it.

Obnoxious mirror selfie. W/e.

Seeing as how I have absolutely no idea how to do my makeup, I refuse to spend absurd amounts of money on it. I am a long-standing customer of ELF and will be for years to come, I'm sure. The studio line is really good (essentials line is pretty shady sometimes, ngl) and dirt cheap. I got all of this for under $30. Baaaaargaaaaaain. Pretty much the only makeup product I don't use from ELF is my foundation. I just got all of those products shown above in the mail the other day, and they all work really well! I'll try and do a proper review of each item soon!

I haven't updated my blog in forever. I'm sorry. Forgive me. No one noticed. That's ok.
I was wanting to do an outfit post the other day, but my sister took my camera with her on a little trip she took. She's back now, though, so hopefully I'll get one done soon!
Although the heat is making me want to do nothing but lay around and sleep. It's been almost 110 degrees all week. Someone let me move in with them, preferably somewhere with lots of rain.


  1. Wow, that swim top is darling! I've been looking for one similar to that, but I've had no luck. :(

    And you want rain? Come to Florida.. I swear it has been raining almost daily for the last two months.

  2. I love the idea for your binder of a skull with flowers as eyes! :D It's really cool ^^

    California Dreams

  3. head over heels for your binder cover. and I totally noticed your absence from the blogging world. Love your posts!

  4. I totally use elf products too for the same reason! The eyebrow kit is my favorite product. =]