Sunday, June 10, 2012

Contrasting Summer Jeans Trends For 2012

If you are of the opinion that jeans are the staple requirement of winter wardrobes,
and have no place in the summer, then you may want to rethink. While perhaps
not appropriate in exceedingly hot weather, jeans are available in such a number of
different styles that lightweight, comfortable styles are always available – whatever
the weather.

There are plenty of hot new trends emerging from the world of jeans this season
with skinny jeans perhaps the most easily recognized. Yet, this is not the only trend
to emerge and, in fact, the world of denim is offering something of a contrast in this
year’s must-have styles.

Celebrities wearing flare jeans (image via
 It’s never too long before good old flares make their way back onto the catwalk and
into the high street – and this season is definitely one of those occasions.

When celebrities are spotted out and about in a certain style of clothing, it’s not long
before the style catches on and ripples onto the streets. These 70s-inspired jeans are
certainly being endorsed by many a celeb, hence the rising surge in flares we are
seeing on the streets this season.

From Nicole Richie to Jessica Alba, bellbottoms are being worn by practically every
A-lister – down to every Z-lister.

In being tight to the knee and then flaring out at the hem, flared jeans are flattering,
incredibly versatile and create a smart, yet casual, look. Not only this but they are also
comfortable and sexy – no wonder the celebs love the flare look this year!

Celebrtities wearing colored denim skinny jeans (image via
In complete contrast to flares, ankle skinny jeans are also a hot trend for summer
2012. This funky style of jeans is cut in a classic skinny fit, with a touch of spandex
so that you can actually move. The ankle skinny jeans are slim all the way down and
tapered at the bottom of the foot.

Levi’s never fail to be at the height of fashion and skinny jeans are guaranteed to be
part of their spring/summer collection.

Being available in a range of fresh colours, including tomato puree, sunset coral,
abyss and snorkel blue, Levi jeans range of ankle skinny jeans provide a versatile item
for your summer wardrobe which can be paired with endless outfits.

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