Friday, February 10, 2012

four eyes

   I just recently found myself sporting a new pair of eyeglasses because my eyesight has worsened just a tad (probably due to the ungodly amount of time I spend staring at this laptop screen). The day after I got them I went to go babysit and the first thing the little girl said when I walked through the door was, "When did you get those? Glasses make you look nerdy."
    I was a little taken aback until her mom said, "We just ordered her a pair of glasses and she's really nervous that she will look 'nerdy' in them." She proceeded to spend quite a bit of time trying my glasses on in front of her mirror the rest of the time I was there, taking in the look and feel of them.
   Glasses are no longer used just to improve vision, but have also become a wonderful accessory to jazz up any look. In fact, I have come across the question “Are those glasses real or just to be stylish?” quite a bit since I started wearing mine.
    Not only are they cute, but they double as an easy fix for an “I-just-slept-way-too-late” kind of morning where you’re running through the house trying to get clothes on, coffee brewing, hair brushed, and you just can’t find the time to apply your eye makeup as meticulously as you normally would. Slip ‘em on, and your morning just got a heck of a lot less stressful.
   And lucky for you, the problem “where can I find cheap eyeglasses that are also cute and quality at a reasonable price?” has just been solved, courtesy of your favorite bargain blogger…ahem, ME!
    GlassesUSA offers affordable eyeglasses online that are well-made and stylish all-in-one! Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. Pinch yourself, you’re not dreaming.
    All you have to do is visit and check out all of their stylin’ glasses, pick a pair (or more….they’re so reasonably priced, you could afford it!), and relax in the thought that soon enough you will not only be seeing better, but looking better, too. ;)

This is my personal favorite pair! I love the geeky chic look they give off, and tortoise shell is my favorite. The website is easy to navigate and I had quite a bit of fun shopping around :)

But wait: It gets even better.
They're having a....

Valentine's Day Sale!
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  1. those eye glasses look so good on you! it seems after nineteen years of not wearing glasses that i will have to find myself a pair soon so thanks for sharing the site! definitely will be checking them out for some ideas.